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Should WWE consider a heel turn for Roman Reigns?

16 Feb 2016, 10:33 IST
Should Roman Reigns turn heel at WWE Fastlane?
Should Roman Reigns turn heel at WWE Fastlane?

With Roman Reigns struggling to get over with the WWE Universe, It's safe to say that WWE is running out of ideas to get Reigns over with the crowd. Week after week the WWE witness Roman Reigns defying the odds.

For example, the Royal Rumble pay per view just last month was based solely around Reigns defying the odds, beating twenty-nine other superstars to retain the World Heavyweight championship. After numerous attempts, the WWE Universe is still not in Reign's corner. With the WWE Universe unlikely to change their mind, should WWE turn Roman Reigns heel? 
If WWE were to turn Roman Reigns, it would dissolve the WWE Universe's mixed response. Some nights Roman Reigns is loved by the crowd. On other occasions, such as the Royal Rumble pay per view last month, the crowd react so negatively towards Roman Reigns one can only wonder how much longer can WWE ignore the crowds reaction to Roman Reigns.
Turning Roman Reigns would end that confusion and permit WWE creative to give Reigns some direction. They would no longer have to repeat the continuous cycle of the odds being against him and then eventually finding the strength to come out on top. If WWE decides that they weren't keen on changing Reigns' gimmick they could potentially keep it.
Currently, Reigns' one versus all gimmick translates to mean he is against every other Superstar on the roster. His current gimmick could adapt to a literal meaning of one versus all which would include the WWE Universe. Would turning Roman Reigns end the mixed fan perception? Could this be a resolution to get Roman Reigns one solid response?
In a weeks time, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar square off in a triple threat match to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, currently held by Triple H. As it has been rumoured, Brock Lesnar is unlikely to win the match, after being heavily speculated to face the eater of worlds, Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 32. 
WWE is determined to get Reigns over with the fans, so it is highly likely that will win at Fastlane in another attempt to get Reigns over with the fans. Is this going to do Reigns more harm than good? Especially winning against two Superstars who are already over with the crowd. 
The probability of Reigns receiving a negative reaction at Fastlane is almost a certainity as people know that Roman Reigns will end up as the winner unless WWE decides to throw in a curve ball by turning Roman against his brother Dean Ambrose. 
In the past few weeks, the two Superstars have been battling together side by side but soon enough they will be battling the chance to become number one contender, to headline Wrestlemania. But are Roman Reigns actions in recent weeks suggesting that a heel turn is on the cards?
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