Signs That Vince McMahon could return as part of the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble

Will Vince McMahon return at The Royal Rumble
Will Vince McMahon return at The Royal Rumble

Vince McMahon stepped away from WWE earlier this year after several allegations came to light and he was given the advice to leave the spotlight.

The former Chairman has since reportedly made it clear that he wants to return to WWE in the future and doesn't appear to believe he made the right decision stepping down.

The 2023 Royal Rumble is less than five weeks away and it appears that many WWE fans believe Vince McMahon will return to the company as part of the main event match.

#4. Vince McMahon wants to return to WWE

Its being reported, Vince McMahon has also told people that he intends to make a comeback at WWE, saying he got bad advice from people close to him to step downIf this is true, it will be the BEST news to come out all year. He’s very much needed back in the WWE 🙏#WWE #WWERaw

As part of a new report from The Wall Street Journal, news has been shared that McMahon wants to make his return to WWE. The former Chairman was once the most powerful man in the company before he was advised to step down and avoid the ongoing scandal.

If Vince wants to return, then there aren't many people who could stop him. He created the company and is the majority shareholder so could overrule anything that prevents him from stepping back into the ring and on-screen.

"The 77-year-old Mr. McMahon also has told people that he intends to make a comeback at WWE, according to the people familiar with his comments." via WSJ.

#3. WWE are looking for ways to surprise the crowd in The Royal Rumble match

Who should be the final 4 of the 2023 Royal Rumble? Here's mine:

The Royal Rumble is one of the best WWE events of the year because the company goes to significant lengths to ensure that there are several surprises throughout the night. Social media has played its role in ruining many of the biggest surprises of the show in recent years, but the company are always on the lookout for ways to pop the crowd.

Vince McMahon being backstage at The Royal Rumble would be news in itself, but the WWE Universe wouldn't expect the 77-year-old to be part of the match or step into any kind of storyline on screen.

#2. The former Chairman clearly wants his legacy to be remembered in a different way

If Vince McMahon does return he could use Eric Bischoff's entrance music: 🎵 I'm Back and better than ever 🎵

Vince McMahon believes that the advice he was given to step down was wrong and wants to come back in order to push past these allegations. McMahon doesn't want his legacy to be remembered this way which could be why he's pushing to make his return.

The Royal Rumble kickstarts the Road to WrestleMania and it will be the first one under Triple H, it's likely that Vince McMahon will want to play even a small role in the biggest event of the year.

#1. Fans appear to be pushing for a storyline between Vince McMahon and Triple H for control of the company

Vince McMahon returns at #30 in the Royal Rumble and has a match at Wrestlemania against Triple H for the CEO job.

Several fans have heard the news regarding Vince McMahon's return and hoped that there's a way to keep him away from the company, whilst others have welcomed him with open arms. Several fans, including the one above, would be open to McMahon returning as part of the Royal Rumble match and stepping into a feud with Triple H.

Neither man is in a position where they can wrestle a match, but it would be a realistic storyline if the company were open to making it happen.

Do you think McMahon will return as part of the annual Royal Rumble match? Have your say in the comments section below!

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