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Sinking Fast! 5 WWE Superstars in need of change right now!

Change is not only good...it's necessary for these Superstars!

Time for a new attitude for Breeze.

Life on the WWE roster can be an amazing experience, one would have to assume. You get to travel the world, shake hands with important people, and most importantly, entertain the millions of fans. Not to mention, these guys make a pretty comfortable living in the process.

However, like anywhere else, there is going to be periods of lows for everyone. Some Superstars may get the feeling that they are getting lost in the mix, while they’re watching their fellow stars get pushed to the moon. Needless to say, this could be a pretty rough ordeal to endure. 

The WWE has a tonne of talent on contract ranging from the top champions all the way down to freshly signed NXT rookies. The company is constantly looking for that next big star, the one who just might be the next breakout WWE Champion. The whole NXT program has been the biggest success story in wrestling developmental history.

The Yellow Brand offers the company an unlimited supply of fresh talent, ready to be moulded into whatever creative idea they may have. 

When a Superstar reaches a certain point on the NXT roster, there’s simply nowhere to go except to the main roster. For example, The Wyatt Family dominated the NXT roster, won the NXT tag titles and then moved up to wreck havoc on the main roster; it’s just the way the process is supposed to work.

However, there are those such as Bo Dallas, or maybe The Ascension who run completely through everyone in sight, as well as set title reign records...only to hit a brick wall on the main roster.

Looking at the main roster, it’s pretty easy to say which of the Superstars are in desperate need of some sort of change. They need the change, not only to succeed but to help them mentally, to prevent them from being attacked with inner questions of self-worth.

We have all seen those guys who get so discouraged that they seemingly give up, then before you know it, they are being wished well on their future endeavours. So, what needs to happen? Which of the current Superstars are in need of a serious change, right away?

We have come up with the following Superstars who sincerely need a creative change. We are also going to offer our input on what the first course of action needs to be. These are the five current main roster superstars who need a creative change.

#5 Curtis Axel

Let Axelmania run wild again!

Curtis Axel is one of those guys who has all of the tools to be a big star but has yet to put the pieces together. This third-generation Superstar has the blood of perfection running through his veins, so we know he has the genetics. 

WWE officials have gone as far as to not only put the Intercontinental Championship on Axel but have also paired him with Paul Heyman for a brief period. This was certainly his best run. 

Curtis has the technical ability, and even though he has struggled on the mic at times, he has also proved that he can turn it up when he wants to, as indicated by the Axelmania run. Speaking of which, the Axelmania run was something that fans really got behind.

At the time, Hulk Hogan was going through his controversial ordeal regarding the racially insensitive remarks that were made during a private phone call. Needless to say, WWE officials had no choice but to distance themselves from all things Hogan.

Now that the dust has somewhat settled on the Hogan fiasco, it’s time to let it go and move on. The Axelmania gimmick was the best thing for Curtis and could be the key to getting him over with the fans.

Sportskeeda’s suggestion: Let Axelmania run wild again. Even if only for a short time, it would be the best way to get Curtis Axel back in front of the fans again, as well as getting him some much-needed TV love. 

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