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6 Shocking  Ways WWE Tricked Fans Into Rooting For Roman Reigns At Summerslam

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Like it or not, Roman Reigns is your new Universal champion.

It finally happened!

It may have taken three years, several losses and bunch of superman punches and a timely spear by Reigns, but The Big dog has finally got his hands on the big red belt! Not only that, he did so with a majority of The WWE Universe in the Brooklyn Center screaming his name and cheering him on in the process.

With that being said and The Biggest party of the summer finally in the books, how exactly did WWE pull of the heist of the century and actually get The WWE Universe firmly behind Reigns. Furthermore, how did they manage to do it in a matter of minutes after Reigns came out to a chorus of boos to start the match?

In the end, there are no perfect answers to that question, but here is what we observed during the final match of Summerslam and how it may have helped turned the tide in Reigns favor when it comes from the fans. Again, not a perfect science and there might be things left out here and there, but here are the major things that might have helped Reigns Sunday night

#6 UFC style match

Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns,
Don't deny it! Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar was a UFC style match and it worked perfectly!

From the insane flurry of superman punches and Spears that Roman Reigns hit Brock Lesnar with in the opening moments of the match, to chokes being used multiple times to show case Lesnar's viciousness, the Universal title match at Summerslam looked more like a UFC match then anything else.

Fortunately for WWE that really played into their hand to make it look like a straight up fight between the two and really managed to make Reigns look like a babyface in the process. In fact, between Reigns repeatedly fighting out of the chokes and surviving bare knuckle punches, it was hard not to get behind the big dog.

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