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SK Exclusive: When does WWE plan to re-introduce Finn Balor as the Demon?

Finn Balor is currently set to begin a program with Bray Wyatt and will eventually re-unveil his Demon character, midway through the feud.

News 24 Apr 2017, 10:46 IST


We will get to see the Demon King yet again!

What's the story?

The WWE will sit on re-introducing the Finn Balor Demon character until a few months into his upcoming feud with Bray Wyatt. This story was broken on the “Dirty Sheets’ Podcast, via our “DS Breaking News” show. You can listen to the podcast below (length 3 minutes and 32 seconds).

In case you didn't know...

Finn Balor debuted the Demon character on NXT. Once Balor came up to the main event roster, after being drafted to Raw, the WWE were surprisingly fast to introduce to Demon on their regular television, airing vignettes of the Demon for the SummerSlam encounter with Seth Rollins.

The Demon Finn Balor then defeated Seth Rollins to become the first ever WWE Universal Champion, however, he, unfortunately, had to vacate the belt the very next night, due to a shoulder injury sustained in the match. The injury kept Balor out for eight months until he returned the night after WrestleMania.

The heart of the matter 

Sources have indicated to us that the Balor vs. Wyatt feud will not be one singular match and the WWE plan to do a longer program with a series of matches. At some point during the feud, Finn Balor is planned to re-unveil his Demon persona, which is set to lead to Balor emerging victorious in the final encounter. 

What's next?

Finn and Wyatt will begin their feud after WWE Payback. Wyatt must first go through a House of Horrors match against Randy Orton. 

Author's take

It's smart for the WWE to take their time when it comes to unveiling the Demon character. Although I'm not keen on the company handing Finn a loss, that will result in him having to bring out the Demon, I do like the booking of bringing out the unbeatable Demon when Finn's back is truly against the wall. It must also be noted that less Demon merchandise is likely to be sold, while the Demon has no presence on TV.

One would assume this will be a feud extending across three PPVs, beginning with Raw's Extreme Rules PPV, extending to Raw's Badd Blood PPV and then possibly concluding at Summerslam. It will be interesting to see if the WWE can make the feud compelling enough to make it last until Summerslam.

Based on their recent booking of Orton vs Wyatt, which fell off a cliff after the arson attack on the Wyatt Family’s compound, it's highly unlikely. 

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