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SK Exclusive: Further information about Enzo Amore's backstage heat revealed

Enzo Amore isn't the most popular man backstage.

News 16 Aug 2017, 01:30 IST

Amore's heat is hindering his WWE career
Amore's backstage issues are hindering his WWE career

What's the story?

As reported by The Dirty Sheets via our "DS Breaking News" show on YouTube and iTunes, further details have emerged regarding Enzo Amore's backstage issues and why he has so much heat with the other superstars.

You can watch the video by clicking the YouTube link, below. 

In case you didn't know...

According to several reports, Enzo Amore has massive backstage heat, with one story even outlining an incident where he was thrown off a tour bus by Roman Reigns.

The heart of the matter 

We at the Dirty Sheets enquired about Enzo's backstage heat and our sources confirmed that it was nuclear and that he really was thrown off the tour bus.

We also received "exclusive" additional information about the controversial Superstar. We were told that Enzo is not too dissimilar to his on screen persona — in that he's cocky and abrasive. He has also irked several talents with his backstage conduct. Our source offered the example, "when the guys say 'thanks for the match' as you do (after a match), he would say 'you're welcome' instead of returning the thank you."

What's next?

Enzo will be put in a shark cage at SummerSlam while his former partner Big Cass takes on the Big Show.

Author's take 

It's rare for someone to have major backstage heat these days with drugs, alcohol and backstage politics seemingly a thing of the past. However, Enzo Amore has found an entirely new way to get himself in hot water by acting like a modern day Shawn Michaels, despite being far from the position that HBK was in when his backstage cockiness became a factor.

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