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Sonjay Dutt talks about GFW, joining WWE, wanting to wrestle AJ Styles and more

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One of the wrestlers that helped build the TNA X-Division, Sonjay is currently busy in the Indies 

In the history books, X – Division will always be known as the division upon which TNA was built. It was what made TNA a credible alternative after WWE defeated WCW. For the past fourteen years, the X-Division went through a roller coaster ride where it saw some great champions, matches and of course, some amazing wrestlers.

One of the wrestlers that proved to be an integral part of the division is Sonjay Dutt.

Sonjay first appeared for TNA in 2003, just a year after the company’s inception. He went on to have some memorable matches during his stay and helped to build the X-division up alongside many other talented TNA originals; and just like anyone who would’ve spent their sweat and blood for TNA, he is currently sad about where the company is headed.

Sonjay Dutt: I've been keeping abreast of the situation and I can only say that it's quite sad what things have come to due to obvious poor decision making. I think we could be here all day trying to analyze exactly what went wrong.

The TNA stint is a chapter in the past for Sonjay now. He is currently busy with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling (GFW); where he is not only a champion but also plays a role in the day-to-day operations of the company. And Sonjay is not shy to say how different GFW is.  

Sonjay Dutt: I think people will truly notice the difference in GFW with our TV presentation. I've been fortunate enough to watch our Amped episodes that we taped in 2015 and watching those, you truly see how different we are presenting pro wrestling.  A much more realistic view of it showcasing what pro wrestling is based on, pro wrestling.

Securing a TV deal is the priority for GFW

With 2016 almost in the books, GFW is now looking to make a big leap next year. Securing a TV deal is indeed the priority for the promotion.

Sonjay Dutt: I'm hoping that 2017 becomes a very big year for GFW.  Our primary goal coming up and since day one, has been to secure a television deal in North America.  What I've learned over the course of this year is that it's not the easiest thing to do. Trying to get 52 weeks of first run programming on a major network domestically is a hard task and I can assure you that we are working diligently to make this a reality.


On a personal level, 2016 has been a good year for Sonjay as well and just like the case with GFW; he also looks forward to the upcoming year with enthusiasm.

Sonjay Dutt: I had an amazing 2016.  One of my busiest years, where I have had very few off dates and to me that is most important.  I need to stay busy and consistently work to let people know that I am still one of the best junior heavyweights out there.  In 2016 alone, I performed in 9 different countries and brought pro wrestling for the first time ever to Sudan and Myanmar.  To me, that's so important, to really share the art of pro wrestling with countries and people who are not familiar with it at all. I'm looking forward to 2017 where I can continue to expand internationally and take over new territories. 

Speaking of expanding internationally, Sonjay had a huge hand in TNA’s attempt to establish their foothold in the Indian market with Ring Ka King. He had closely worked with Jeff Jarrett during the effort, and he notes that GFW is ready to venture into India as well since the promotion understands the importance of the market.

Sonjay Dutt: Back in 2012, Jeff Jarrett and I were a part of creating Ring Ka King, a television show based in India for the Indian audience.  If we didn't know already, during the course of producing RKK, we realized how important and influential the Indian market is. With the creation of GFW, we are absolutely interested in India as a market.

The Indian roots that Sonjay has will be a major asset for GFW while making such a move. And since Sonjay’s love for Bollywood is evident from his name itself, I also quizzed him about his favourite Bollywood film to which he replied “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”.

Currently enjoying his 16th year in the professional wrestling business, Sonjay was responsible for some instant classics through his career. And to make matters more interesting, he still has many things to strike off his bucket list.

Sonjay Dutt: I'm not really big on favourite anything. But, some of my favourites have been my classics with Jay Lethal and Cage of Death 6 against M-Dogg 20. I would love to mix it up with AJ Styles one more time and possibly some of the great junior heavyweights of NJPW.

At 34-years, Sonjay still has many solid years ahead of him, and with most of this X-division companions currently making a mark in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), it would make sense for Sonjay to have a run with the promotion as well.

Sonjay Dutt: Absolutely. With the cruiserweight division beginning, I know I could be an asset.

With the experience that Sonjay has on his resume, he would indeed be an asset to the WWE’s Cruiserweight division, and hopefully, one day, we might see him in the promotion. But for the time being, Sonjay can be found in the Indies, where he is making stories with every booking. 

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