Interview: Former WWE Superstar Rosa Mendes talks about wrestling, fitness and more

Former WWE Superstar Rosa Mendes
Rosa Mendes has managed several WWE Superstars including former Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico

We at Sportskeeda recently had the honour of speaking with former WWE Superstar Rosa Mendes, also known as Milena Roucka, about wrestling, fitness, and everything in between.

#1 What's life been like for you away from the world of professional wrestling?

Rosa Mendes: It’s been so different. Becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience that I have ever had, watching my daughter grow into this little intelligent, wonderful, and caring human being has made me feel like I’m doing a really good job as a mom, Totally Fit Mama has been doing so well, we are launching our recipe book very soon. I miss the Travel, can you believe that? I never thought I would ever say that, but most of all I miss the fans.

#2 Would you say there's one element of the business you miss above anything else?

Rosa Mendes: Walking through that curtain, and my WWE family backstage. Above all else I miss those elements more than anything.

#3 We saw your journey of becoming a mother on Total Divas. What was that process like for you and how much did you enjoy being part of the show?

Rosa Mendes: I know this sounds weird, but I love being in the public eye, and I don’t mind the fans knowing my innermost personal feelings. They have watched me evolve and grow on tv. I get emails from people, telling me how much I have inspired them, especially from Moms. That’s what motivated me to start my lifestyle brand. I have helped so many Moms learn about healthy eating and my at home workout app has helped so many women get back into shape. I wouldn’t have had that platform without Total Divas and WWE.

#4 For you, personally, what are some of the biggest differences you've noticed about yourself now that you're a mother compared to when you weren't?

Rosa Mendes: I don’t take sh*t from anyone, sorry I had to swear. If people are rude and disrespectful, I call them out on the spot. Whether it’s a public place or at a dinner party. I work too hard and have learned that voicing my opinion in the classiest way possible, with a smile, teaches people how you expect to be treated. I would have let things slide in the past, but now that I’m a mother, I’d like Jordan to be strong enough to defend herself if people mistreat her or disrespect her in any way.

#5 What are some of your favourite hobbies and interests that some fans may not be aware of?

Rosa Mendes: Well they already know I love health awareness and cooking, but I also love reading to my daughter, I have started reading to her since she was 6 months old, I knew she didn’t know what I was saying, but now she loves books so much, I feel like that really helped her expand her vocabulary as well. She speaks full clear sentences and she just turned two.

#6 Now taking a page out of Inside The Actor's Studio's books here, is there one profession or job out there that you would've loved to have tried or would still love to try?

Rosa Mendes: Well it’s the same profession, so I’m not too sure if this answer counts. I feel like I wasn’t in the ring enough during my career, I was mostly a manager. I would love to get back in the ring. With the women’s revolution, the women have more time to have these mind-blowing matches, I would have loved to be a part of it.

#7 It's always interesting to see what kind of things ex-wrestlers get up to when they leave the business. In your opinion, just how important is it for superstars to have a plan B ready for life away from the ring?

Rosa Mendes: I’ll be honest with you, there’s not much time in the life of a WWE superstar to have a plan B, but we all have hobbies, mine was cooking so I ran with it. All of the wrestlers I know have some sort of interesting hobby or talent outside the ring, so I would say make your hobby into a brand and make it your plan B.

#8 Something that's always fascinating to talk about with people from pro wrestling is the physical toll it takes on your body. In your opinion, what's worse - the actual bumps or the travel?

Rosa Mendes: Is it weird to say I miss them both! I don’t think I bumped enough to answer that question correctly, but oddly enough I do miss the travel and I miss my travelling partner Nattie! She made the Travel fun and productive. We got so much done on the road.

#9 If you had the chance to go back and do it all over again in terms of getting into the business, and all the ups and downs associated with that - do you think you'd do it?

Rosa Mendes: Hands down!

#10 What do the next 18-24 months have in store for Milena Roucka?

Rosa Mendes: The Totally Fit Mama recipe book, coming out with some new products for Totally Fit Mama and getting back in the ring. Training starts next week! Stay tuned!

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