SK Exclusive: Sasha Banks to turn heel on Bayley, when will she win the Raw Women's Championship?

Sasha Banks is set to win the Raw Women’s Championship at Summerslam

What’s the story?

After a very intriguing “Superstar Shake-up”, an internal source has revealed that the plans for Raw’s Women’s Division are heavily centred around Sasha Banks.

In case you didn’t know...

Sasha Banks won the Raw Women’s Championship 3 times during a 6-month feud with Charlotte. Charlotte won the feud, but she dropped the title to Bayley, who won the Raw Women's Championship for the first time on the February 13 edition of Raw after an assist from Sasha Banks. Bayley then defeated Charlotte again at Fastlane, thanks to another distraction from Sasha Banks, and controversially handed the Queen her first pay-per-view loss.

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At WrestleMania 33, Bayley successfully defended her title against Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax in a fatal four-way elimination match. Charlotte has since moved to SmackDown Live while Bayley, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax remain on the Raw brand. They were joined by Alexa Bliss, Mickie James and a returning Emma.

The heart of the matter

My sources have indicated to me that the current plan is for Sasha Banks to turn heel on Bayley over the summer and then win the Raw Women’s Championship at SummerSlam. In the meantime, Bayley is set to successfully defend her title in feuds with Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax. Sasha Banks is currently pencilled in to begin a program with Emma.

What’s next?

Sasha Banks is likely to begin her feud with Emma this Monday, which may also involve Dana Brooke. However, things may be re-shuffled if the WWE officials decide to de-push Nia Jax, who almost injured Charlotte twice on Raw. It’s been said that the WWE higher-ups were not very happy with Jax after the match.

Author’s take

The women’s division has lost serious momentum in the past 6 months. The continuous title flipping between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, coupled with Bayley’s underwhelming title reign have damaged the division significantly. It is essential that the WWE get back on track with the long awaited Bayley vs Sasha program, which needs to deliver in and out of the ring. Otherwise, the WWE women could, unfortunately, find themselves back in the toilet break spot.

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