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SK Exclusive: Vince McMahon has banned the following list of words

Vince is known for banning words
Billi Bhatti
Modified 25 Apr 2017

What's the story?

Vince McMahon continues to ban certain words, terms and names, for absolutely no reason. 

In case you didn't know...

In 2008 the company sent out a directive banning certain words and terms. They were:
The Business
Our Industry
Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestler
House Show
Sports Entertainment
The Title is on the Line
Title Changing Hands

It should be noted that this memo was issued back in 2008, so some of these terms are now allowed on TV again, such as Sports Entertainment. The memo also noted that McMahon did not want WrestleMania referred to as “The Grandaddy of them All” as it made the yearly event seem dated. This was replaced by "the showcase of the immortals."

Vince also wanted his announcers to refrain from learning internet phrases, such as “5-star match.”

The heart of the matter 

Numerous words, moves, names and phrases have been outlawed over the years. The latest one being the wrestling move, the ushigoroshi.

However, the headline McMahonism of 2017 so far, has to be the directive to not call the Camping World Stadium by its current name, and simply refer to it as it's previous name, "The Citrus Bowl."


Sources say that this directive was not only given to writers, but to ALL relevant WWE employees, which included, commentators, wrestlers, marketing, staff and others. The directive also applied to WWE partners and associates.

What's next?

Nobody knows why Vince McMahon hates certain words, names or terms, but this quirk isn't going away anytime soon. McMahon is sure to continue banning words and over-compacting things until the day he dies.

Author's take 

The move to not call the stadium The Camping World Stadium would have certainly infuriated Camping World, who as a sponsor, have paid a lot of money for the stadium to be named the Camping World Stadium. It's highly unlikely that the NFL or any other organisation would have behaved in this way, but that's Vince McMahon.

He seemingly lives by his own rules. It’s easy to see why Mauro Ranallo struggled to cope with the WWE and their unique way of doing things. To steal a line from Roddy Piper, it does seem like, “when you think you have the answer, McMahon will change the question.”

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Published 25 Apr 2017, 13:32 IST
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