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SK Exclusive: Vince McMahon cancels major WrestleMania angle 

Billi Bhatti
26.85K   //    17 Sep 2017, 00:20 IST

Vince McMahon appears to have had a change of heart

What's the story?

As I already reported via my sources, Vince McMahon was heavily involved in making changes on Tuesday at the SmackDown taping. However, our sources have now informed us about a major storyline centring around Shane McMahon's involvement at WrestleMania that was scrapped.

In case you didn't know... 

Shane is currently embroiled in a feud with Kevin Owens, whom he will face in a Hell in a Cell match. This was announced by the chairman of the board last Tuesday; however, the initial plans were for the stakes to be much higher.

The heart of the matter 

The original plans were not for Vince McMahon to be so confrontational towards Owens, as he was initially set to negotiate with him and make him an offer. The offer was to face Shane McMahon in a match where the 47-year-old's WWE shares would be at stake. After Owens agreed, McMahon would have informed him that it would be a Hell in the Cell match. The storyline was set to play out as follows:

1) Vince would set up the Hell in Cell.

2) Owens would face Shane and defeat him with the help of Triple H.

3) Owens would give his shares to Triple H who would replace Shane on SmackDown- leaving Shane with zero stakes in WWE.

4) Shane would return a few months later to begin a WrestleMania program with Triple H. 

After scrapping the Horsewomen vs Horsewomen angle and reducing the stakes of Shane vs Owens, McMahon decided that he would have to take a beating from Kevin Owens, feeling that the show needed a big angle. The beating we saw was added at the last minute. 

To read our story about why the Horsewomen angle was nixed, click here.


What's next?

Shane and Owens will meet in a Hell in the Cell match on October 8th. It is unknown if Triple H vs Shane is entirely scrapped or why Vince McMahon decided to change the plans.

Author's take 

Despite previous issues, our sources tell us the relationship between Shane and Paul Levesque has vastly improved in the last year or so. Triple H is heavily involved in SmackDown and regularly works with Shane.

It appears they were completely fine with working with each other, but despite clearing the storyline initially months ago, McMahon has changed his mind. 

McMahon's indecisive nature is something we are becoming all too familiar with. Full articles can be written on changes he's made to storylines, possibly even books.

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