SK Exclusive: Jinder Mahal clarifies false reports about him

Jinder Mahal won't be walking anyone to the Octagon at UFC 215
Mahal won't be walking anyone to the Octagon at UFC 215

It was recently reported on various sites that Jinder Mahal would be walking Arjan Bhullar, the first UFC fighter of Indian origin, to the octagon at UFC 215.

Bhullar is set to take on Luis Henrique in a Heavyweight bout. We had a chance to interview Mahal about it, and the WWE Champion graciously clarified the air, about the same, stating that there was a mistake with the announcement:

'Actually it got reported a little bit wrong. Everybody said that I am going to walk Arjan Bhullar to the ring. I'm just going to be in attendance'.

Thereon in, Jinder Mahal went on to say how much he was rooting for Bhullar in this historic fight

I will be there in attendance. I will be there cheering him on. So that's my only involvement. You know, (he is a) good friend of mine. Also first Indian UFC fighter, so I'm very happy for that. I wish nothing but success to him. I will be there only cheering him on.

As cool as it would have been to see Mahal as a part of this cross promotional affair, we won't get to see it on September 9th. However, we're still quite kicked to see him in the audience, supporting his fellow countryman on.


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