SK's Take: Did Asuka Walk Out Of WWE On Tuesday Night?

Did Asuka walk out of WWE on Tuesday night?
Did Asuka walk out of WWE on Tuesday night?

Asuka hasn't been used effectively on WWE TV since WrestleMania when she lost her undefeated streak to Charlotte and it appears that The Japanese Star has had enough.

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Asuka has lost back to back matches to Carmella in recent months as she challenged the SmackDown Women's Champion, and now isn't even part of this year's SummerSlam.

The former NXT Women's Champion was undefeated for a number of months after she was promoted to the main roster, but that came to an end at WrestleMania 34 when she was defeated by Charlotte in her quest for the Women's Championship, a title that she hasn't yet been able to lift.

A rumor started on Facebook earlier today and claimed that, on the latest episode of PWInsider, Mike Johnson had revealed that Asuka left the arena on Tuesday after a heated meeting with WWE officials. It also went on to state that she had stopped returning their calls since the Japanese star was reportedly unhappy with her current position in the company and took offense to the fact that she hasn't been booked on this year's SummerSlam.

The report also claimed that Asuka was upset that she is missing out on the biggest payday of the year but whilst she isn't upset that she has lost a number of matches recently, she is annoyed that her matches have been overbooked and quite short over the past few weeks.

Mike Johnson himself came forward to set the rumors straight on Twitter when he sharedthe following:

Asuka's current status for SummerSlam remains unknown with just a week to go until the show and reports like this one may not be far from the truth when it comes to the frustrations that the Japanese star must be feeling at present.

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