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SK's Take on the Bullet Club's Raw Invasion

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They're taking over where ever they go

The Bullet Club are a ton of fun, and they not only bring a crowd but also their outstanding personalities wherever they go. When the boys from the Bullet Club invaded Raw, it garnered plenty of attention from the Internet Wrestling Community and the lasting repercussions of their appearance could be felt for a long time to come.

They showed up and played the part of D-Generation X circa 1998. Except the Bullet Club arrived in a stretch limo instead of an Army tank. But even though they updated their approach a little bit, this Bullet Club invasion of Raw borrowed greatly from DX.

Dave Meltzer cleared up how much of what they spoke about was actually real and how much is just part of the story on Wrestling Observer Radio.

"They're not allowed to say f-ck the Revival, they're not allowed to say 'too sweet', suck it, and Marty can't use an umbrella because I guess the Jack Gallagher thing which by the way this is all storyline, there's nothing to any of this. This is what I did think was pretty funny when they're like 'we're coming there we're gonna get our stuff back and Cody's gonna get his last name back!' Which that is the one thing he didn't get was his last name back. That one's actually real."

The reality is the Bullet Club are painting themselves as a something cooler than WWE. If you remember back to the initial DX Invasion of Nitro, they did many of the same things.

DX pleaded with WCW to let their friends go and came off looking like the kind of rebels people could get behind. The Bullet Club did the same thing while adding their own unique take on the situation. If WWE isn't careful they might be portrayed as the same kind of stale brand WCW was made out to look like over twenty years ago.

Cody put the cherry on top by quoting Bill Pullman's speech from the movie Independence Day perfectly. It's just awesome he already knew the monologue by heart. But that kind of thing is expected from the Bullet Club at this point because you never know what pop culture influence they'll draw from next.

As pro wrestling evolves WWE needs to keep up with the changing tides or more of the same might occur. The Bullet Club is a hot commodity and it will take more than a couple cease and desist letters from stopping them at this point.

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