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SK's Take on why the Demon King returned at SummerSlam

Riju Dasgupta
4.23K   //    20 Aug 2018, 10:00 IST

One can only speculate, but here are some likely reasons
One can only speculate, but here are some likely reasons

Baron Corbin and Finn Balor have been at odds for some time. With one win each, both men headed into SummerSlam 2018 to settle the score for good. Many were surprised that the match did not transpire earlier during the course of the extremely long show. We would learn why when the match did happen.

Balor returned to his Demon persona and squashed Baron Corbin in no time at all. The crowd popped big time for the character they are so fond of, as he steamrolled through the RAW Constable. But why did The Demon King return in such a massively anticlimactic manner?

There are a variety of rumours doing the rounds, but here's my personal take on this. In my opinion, SummerSlam is the second biggest show of the year, and there's no better stage to begin the process of rebuilding Finn Balor. This is because he remains a crowd favourite, even today.

Plus, The Demon King is a protected persona that has not been pinned on the main roster thus far. With Lesnar as Champion, WWE did not want to risk Balor losing to Lesnar, or vice versa. But now, with Reigns as Universal Champion, the possibilities are very many.

Even from a storyline perspective, one can say that Corbin pushed Balor to the edge, and the Irishman had no choice but to adopt this persona again. Balor knew that he would require the X Factor, to topple a man so much bigger than him. With the squash, it re-established The Demon King as an unstoppable character. It makes one wonder if Roman Reigns is a match for the darker side of Balor's persona.

Ultimately, I believe that this was done because 5+ hours into a show, you long for something fresh. This was just what the doctor ordered!

What do you folks think of The Demon's big return to WWE? Do you think Balor will be Universal Champion again?

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