SK WWE Exclusive: Bayley set to miss SummerSlam; new plan for Alexa Bliss revealed?

If Bayley is backing out of SummerSlam, who will face Alexa?

What's the story?

As revealed via our "DS Breaking News" shows on "The Dirty Sheets" YouTube and iTunes channels, Bayley is 90% likely to miss SummerSlam, with new plans already in place.

You can view the YouTube video here:


In case you didn't know.

Bayley injured her shoulder on Raw last Monday in a match against Nia Jaxx.

The heart of the matter

We can confirm via our ever reliable sources, Sasha Banks is set to replace Bayley, with plans already place for Sasha to face Nia Jax on RAW. A Sasha victory will lead to her facing Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. Bayley is likely to be ruled out of SummerSlam tomorrow. However, WWE may hold off the announcement until Raw, in order to draw a rating.

What's next?

Everything will become clear on Monday, when Raw comes to us from Toronto, Canada.

Author's Take

This injury could well be a blessing in disguise. Bayley has been faltering since she won the title. WWE has attempted to rebuild her in recent weeks, but have failed to recreate the magic of NXT, as she is no longer perceived as a loveable sympathetic underdog. An injury may be perfect for crowds to sympathize with Bayley and get behind her again.