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SKFabe: Hottest WWE News of the Week  (November 04, 2017)

Are you up to date with the latest in professional wrestling?

Top 5 / Top 10 04 Nov 2017, 22:45 IST

What news items set social media on fire, this week?
What news items set social media on fire, this week?

And how time flies! Yet another week of sports entertainment action has passed us by, as we head towards Survivor Series in Houston, in just a few days.

Those of you who stay tuned to our page for all the latest news, updates and information may already be up to date on the events of the past week. Just in case you have not, do not fear. SKFabe is here.

Here is a comprehensive rundown of all the action that went on, behind the scenes, over the past week in WWE. If you think we may have missed out on any piece of news, do let us know in the comments below!

Let's begin with the old adage: behind every successful man is a very strong Bella.

#1 Brie Bella wants Daniel Bryan back in the ring

Professional wrestling's first couple have each other's backs!
Professional wrestling's first couple have each other's backs!

Not very long ago, we saw the best technician of the modern era of wrestling, Daniel Bryan retire from the ring owing to a series of concussions. There has been speculation with him wanting to wrestle outside WWE, should the opportunity arise when his contract does eventually expire.

His wife Brie Bella said that she was completely in support of him, during a recent edition of SiriusXM Busted Open:

The moment they told him he could no longer wrestle in the ring, I’m not kidding you, (right from) the next day he has done everything to figure out how to get back in the ring. He’s flown all over the United States to do all different you know, Oxygen Chambers, (and) all these different things.”

She mentioned the reason why she was supporting her husband in whatever he wanted to accomplish in life:

“You can’t beat that passion, and that’s what I tell him, that right there is the passion that people will never be taught… and I told him: ‘whatever you want to do, Bryan, I 100% support you’.”

Despite all the misfortune that has befallen him, Daniel Bryan certainly is a very lucky man in life.

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