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SKFabe: Hottest WWE topics of the week (August 18, 2017)

Inside info about all your favourite WWE Superstars.

Top 5 / Top 10 18 Aug 2017, 21:21 IST

What events transpired on the road to SummerSlam?
What events transpired on the road to SummerSlam?

Yes, we feel the excitement too. We are only hours away from a packed SummerSlam card, and news has been rolling in faster than Shinsuke Nakamura's lightning quick strikes. It is difficult for us, here at Sportskeeda Wrestling, to stay apace with the latest news at times, so we can imagine how difficult it must be for you, dear reader.

For your convenience, we bring you the final pit stop before SummerSlam. Here is a rundown of news items you must know before the biggest event of the summer comes around in Brooklyn. Without further ado, we present the latest edition of SKFabe to you.

#1 Real heat among reel rivals

Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks do not get along
Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks do not get along

Yes, it is official now. Remember how Sasha Banks went off on Alexa Bliss on Raw Talk, insinuating that she wasn't a real fan of sports entertainment. That she couldn't tell the difference between Matt and Jeff Hardy from the Hardy Boyz. It seems like the heat was not an angle, but real-life animosity. Alexa Bliss was a guest on the Cheap Heat podcast and had this to say about The Boss.

I’ve always been the person to say ‘business is business, personal is personal.’ I will never let my personal feelings about somebody get in the way of business. I want to take this company to the next level with our women with this women’s revolution. I’ve seen the things she said about me. If that’s how she feels, that’s fine. But we know that we put it to the side and have a productive, professional match because that’s what it’s all about.

This certainly adds a new dimension to their match for the Raw Women's Championship at SummerSlam 2017. Real life heat makes for compelling real life professional wrestling programs too!

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