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SK's Take on WWE banning Hideo Itami's GTS

169.10K   //    27 Dec 2017, 10:03 IST

Is the GTS really that dangerous all the time?

There seems to be a list posted somewhere in WWE headquarters chronicling all of the moves that are banned in a WWE ring. Now it looks like there could be one more move added to the list.

Sometimes a move can be too dangerous for WWE and other times a move suffers an unfortunate turn of events. The same thing happened to Samoa Joe's Muscle Buster when Joe accidentally broke Tyson Kidd's neck during a dark match. Since then, Samoa Joe's Muscle Buster hasn't seen the light of day and if it's ever pulled off, then it's in an extremely special circumstance.

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Hideo Itami innovated the GTS when he toured the planet as Kenta so he knows how to pull off the move. But during Raw this week, he accidentally destroyed The Brian Kendrick's face with his knee while executing the trusty GTS move.

The Brian Kendrick suffered a fracture of his nose and orbital bone as a result of the GTS from Hideo Itami on Christmas Day and Nigel McGuiness said on 205 Live that Kendrick is expected to be out of action for two months at this point.

This not only came at an awful time for Brian Kendrick but also for Hideo Itami because he was just getting his footing as a member of the 205 Live roster. On the following night, Itami faced off against Gentleman Jack Gallagher who sought out to get some retribution for Kendrick.

It's very interesting to note that Itami didn't close out his match against Gallagher on 205 Live with a GTS. Instead, he rolled Gentleman Jack Gallagher around and applied a Rings Of Saturn move to make the Gentleman tap out.

The GTS might not result in a broken face every time, but WWE needs to minimize the risk of any injury to their performers. If they can find another move to do the trick as Hideo Itami's finisher where he won't accidentally injure someone then it'll make it worth it for them.

If we never see the GTS from Hideo Itami again, it would be a shame because this misfired knee was obviously not on purpose. Any move can be delivered with accidental results more devastating than usual from a suplex to a dropkick. But the GTS might be on the endangered move list whether we like it or not.

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