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Opinion: What to expect after Jeff Hardy snaps and attacks Orton with a steel chair

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On the September 11th edition of Smackdown, Jeff Hardy finally started to show some aggression in his current feud against the viper.

Hardy was in action against Nakamura and dealing with both the Japanese stars kicks and mind games. The fight quickly turned however when just as Hardy was lining up a Swanton Bomb, Randy Orton emerged and looked to give Hardy his latest beatdown.

Orton's offence was quickly halted by Jeff who then continued to smash Orton with a steel chair. The segment ended with Hardy hitting a twist of fate. This was a great segment that perfectly set up their Hell in a Cell match for the weekend. Hardy was able to finally show a willingness to fight Orton dirty so the stage is now set to see who will emerge as the winner of the feud between two of the WWE's most veteran performers.

See the action for yourself below:

The verdict

This feud came out of nowhere, with Randy Orton targeting Jeff back in July. These seemed like two guys who the WWE wanted to push but at the same time had no clear plans for either performer. The fact that they are performing together for the first time in 10 years means that fans have a fresh match to look forward to at the upcoming pay per view but one that is also underlined with history between the two.

Fans of the Charismatic Enigma will be interested to see which direction he takes after his match with Orton due to Matt Hardy's hiatus from the ring. This of course eliminated any chance of seeing Brother Nero on the show so the next step for Jeff Hardy is a crucial one. It is possible that he could soon find himself in the World Title mix and face off with his old adversary from TNA in AJ Styles.

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