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Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman Hell in a Cell
Hell in a Cell looms.
Modified 14 Sep 2018
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Things were mostly quiet on WWE programming this week as fans were served up a slate of disappointing go home shows on Monday and Tuesday. 205 Live had a notable development, but not one which shook things up. Meanwhile, NXT had an episode that was mostly forgettable.

Next week should see a shake up, as Hell in a Cell comes on Sunday.

Here's how WWE's divisions and their players stand on the eve of September's super show.

Raw Men's Division

#1 Universal Champion Roman Reigns (NC)

#2 Braun Strowman (No.1 contender, Mr. Money in the Bank - NC)

#3 Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins (NC)

#4 Dolph Ziggler (NC)

#5 Drew McIntyre (NC)

#6 Dean Ambrose (NC)

#7 Bobby Lashley (NC)

#8 Kevin Owens (NC)

#9 Acting GM Baron Corbin (NC)

#10 Finn Balor (NC)


Raw's go home show was a disappointing mess. Nothing of substance changed and it failed to gin up any excitement for the pay per view on Sunday. That comes down entirely to the card WWE has booked for the show.

The Raw men's division shows the least potential for change on Sunday. There's almost no chance that Roman Reigns drops the Universal Championship to Braun Strowman. The most important developments will occur elsewhere on the card.

There's an itneresting tidbit of news that 205 Live stars might be used to manage Raw superstars that have problems with the microphone. We saw it with Drake Maverick and the Authors of Pain and now Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley. This could open the door to new and better feuds, but thus far, nothing has developed.

Raw's men's division has a problem going forward, because aside from Strowman, no one appears a threat to Roman Reigns at the moment. Drew McIntyre's breakout might come sooner rather than later.

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Published 14 Sep 2018
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