Star of Arrow and friend of Cody Rhodes to appear on WWE Backstage

Amell is a former member of The Bullet Club
Amell is a former member of The Bullet Club

It may be the last season of Arrow but Stephen Amell is not going quietly into that good night. With the impending DC Crises on Infinite Earths set to premiere on the CW, it looks like Amell will be appearing on any channel possible to promote it. This includes making an appearance on WWE Backstage where he is set to go to promo school, this coming Tuesday.

It should be noted that Stephen Amell did appear at SummerSlam, but he also was a part of All In where he went toe-to-toe with SCU member Christopher Daniels. It was probably Amell's best match by far and showcased his talent, despite his lack of experience.


Here's another glaring statistic from his WWE SummerSlam match, where he teamed up with Neville aka PAC and took on Stardust (Cody Rhodes) and King Barrett. All three men no longer work for WWE and Cody and PAC are now a part of AEW. Perhaps, the AEW effect should be renamed the Amell Effect.

Stephen Amell is a known friend of Cody Rhodes and it's possible that he may show up in AEW for a special appearance. While his wrestling days are possibly behind him, Stephen Amell will soon be starring in Heels, a show about professional wrestling.

It would make sense that perhaps some AEW stars could show up and vice versa. In wrestling, anything can happen.

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