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Star Rating Every Match at WWE Super Showdown 2018

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These two legends put on a great match
These two legends put on a great match

After the mammoth event which took place in the auspicious Melbourne Cricket Ground is finally in the record books, let's try to analyze the quality of each match the show had. We do this using the 'star-rating methodology' devised by Jim Cornette and made extremely popular by the greatest wrestling journalist of all time, Dave Meltzer.

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A match is rated on a scale from zero to five stars depending on how good it was; however, in certain cases of terrible matches, the scale can extend up to a minimum of -5 stars. We had Ronda shine, Miz whine, Joe tap, Murphy win the strap, SHIELD stood tall, Elias and Owens fall and a lot more. Let's delve into each match separately:-

#1 The New Day(c) vs The Bar for the Smackdown Tag-Team Championships

Kofi and Woods double team Cesaro

Kofi and Woods double team Cesaro

Rating: 2*

Cesaro and Kofi started things off. Woods and Kingston dominated with impressive high flying moves before Sheamus and Cesaro had Kofi isolated and performed their regular tandem offense and rest holds. Kofi made the hot tag to Woods after hurling Cesaro over the top rope.

Woods then dominated Sheamus until he got caught into an Irish Curse Back Breaker. The Bar then dominated Woods and Cesaro trapped him in a sharpshooter. Kofi broke this up and Sheamus came in to neutralize things.

Kofi took Sheamus out with a trouble in paradise on the outside after which the New Day hit Cesaro with an interesting Back Breaker and double foot stomp from the top rope combination for the win.

This match was nothing special and had a bit of a house show feel throughout. The New Day got put over perhaps for a rivalry with Sanity next but, the Bar's credibility is severely damaged.

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