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Is Stephanie vs Shane as simple as the rivalry between Raw and Smackdown?

Can Shane's Smackdown Live make a comeback, or will the Billion Dollar Princess prevail?

Feature 19 Jul 2016, 14:31 IST
In the beginning, it was just one big, happy family. 

It's a tale of two siblings, vying for brand supremacy. In the red corner, standing 5'9", weighing in at 145 pounds, representing Raw, we have the evil princess herself, Stephanie  McMahon-Levesque.

In the blue corner, standing 6'2", weighing in at at 235 pounds, carrying the weight of the Blue Brand’s uphill journey on his shoulders...Shane "The Skydiver" McMahon. 

I can only imagine what it must've been like to grow up in the Vincent Kennedy McMahon household. Competition was likely a common theme between Shane and baby sister Stephanie. Once the pair became old enough, we slowly began seeing them more and more on WWE programming.

Eventually, Shane-O-Mac and The Billion Dollar Princess became just as well known as top-tier talent. To their respective credit, both received a serious dose of on-the-job training. 

As time progressed, so to did their careers in professional wrestling.

Being a McMahon, it gave them a head-start that practically no one will ever be able to enjoy and everything they've done, everything they've accomplished has led them right up to where we are today, with a head-to-head ratings battle looming.

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