"Him and Roman" - Steve Austin makes big claim on the two biggest draws in wrestling (Exclusive)

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Roman Reigns.
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Roman Reigns

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin recently spoke exclusively to Sportskeeda Wrestling's Bill Apter and expressed his deep admiration for Brock Lesnar. The Texas Rattlesnake believes Lesnar is among the two biggest professional wrestling draws alongside Roman Reigns.

While The Tribal Chief has been WWE's go-to guy in recent times, Austin noted that Brock Lesnar had been a relevant name in combat sports for nearly 20 years.

The WWE Hall of Famer claimed that no wrestler could outshine Lesnar's career, as Austin thinks the former WWE Champion has had one of the most unique runs in the business.

Here's what Steve Austin had to say about The Beast Incarnate:

"He is still, after almost 20 years, the biggest draw, him and Roman, in the business today. Brock Lesnar has had one of the most amazing, different runs in the history of the business, and no one will ever do it like Brock Lesnar has done it," said Steve Austin. "Whether it is Suplex City or in the Octagon, or whatever it is, Brock is doing." [3:49 - 4:14]

Steve Austin is amazed by Brock Lesnar's career timeline

Brock Lesnar is widely considered a genetic freak of nature as he has been successful in different sporting disciplines throughout his storied career. In addition to being a ten-time world champion, Lesnar is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and an accomplished amateur wrestler.

Astonishingly enough, Brock Lesnar returned to the squared circle in 2012 and has since added more impressive accolades to his resume. Stone Cold Steve Austin charted Lesnar's rise and reserved high praise for the former Universal Champion's staggering achievements as a top-tier athlete.

"Love Brock Lesnar! Jesus Christ! That guy has been in the game forever. You know, [he] tried to make pro football, never really played a whole lot of football. A couple of times, All-American in wrestling and almost makes the football team, the Minnesota Vikings. Then he says, 'Hey, I'm going to fight in the UFC.' Becomes a UFC Heavyweight Champion. Then gets back into the business." [3:22 - 3:48]
Brock Lesnar Really The Greatest Athlete Of All Time

Lesnar was last seen on WWE programming at SummerSlam 2022, where he featured in an exciting Last Man Standing Match against Reigns. Fans will have to wait and see when the former champion will return to television.

Will WWE be able to create another superstar like Brock Lesnar? Sound off in the comments section below.

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