All Sting matches in WWE ranked

Sting made a huge name for himself in pro wrestling
Sting made a huge name for himself in pro wrestling
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Sting was the top star of WWE's rival promotion World Championship Wrestling, and was often dubbed "The Hulk Hogan of WCW".

His clash against the nWo bestowed him with unparalleled fame. When the days of WCW were numbered, it was believed that he would join Vince McMahon's promotion like other top stars.

Instead, Sting went into TNA. He persisted there for a substantial time and proved himself yet again. But destiny had ordained that The Icon would compete in WWE, and so it happened.

At Survivor Series 2014, Team Cena battled it out against Team Authority. Team Cena was at a huge disadvantage. Only Dolph Ziggler survived out of the team to face the trio of Luke Harper, Kane, and Seth Rollins.

Ziggler's gritty attitude is still appreciated by many. Ultimately, he and Rollins were fighting for their respective teams. Speculating a defeat for the Authority, Triple H had to take matters into his own hands. He interfered and attacked Ziggler.

When everything seemed to be done and dusted, Sting appeared and had an intense staredown with the COO, followed by a Scorpion deadlock.

His feud with The Authority was inevitable. Though it was hoped that Sting would remain in the promotion for a long time, The Vigilante only had four matches in his WWE career.

Let us look back at his WWE career and rank all these four matches.

#4. Sting vs Big Show on WWE RAW

After getting into a rivalry with Seth Rollins, Sting was on The Authority's mark. He was put into a match against The Big Show on September 14th, 2015, on RAW.

This match may sound random. However, the history between these two superstars dates back to their time in WCW. As both superstars are currently in AEW, a future face-off can be expected.

The only reason this is called a match is that it started and ended by the bell. The match lasted only one minute and 45 seconds, and was awarded to the Icon after Rollins interfered.

#3. Sting and John Cena vs Big Show and Seth Rollins - WWE RAW


After Rollins interfered in the above match, he and The Big Show started assaulting Sting. The face of the company, John Cena, entered the match to save the Hall of Famer. Thus, a tag team match was booked for the same night.

The match lasted for almost 10 minutes. Finally, Sting applied a sharpshooter on Rollins and made him tap out. This was the only time Sting won the match by pinfall or submission.

#2. Sting vs Triple H - WrestleMania 31

Congratulations @TripleH on your 25 year career! 🦂 #HHH25

This was Sting's first match in WWE (on 29th March, 2015) and his only match at WrestleMania. Though the buildup to this match was about five months, the narrative stretched over the years.

The much-awaited match at The Grandest Stage of Them All turned into a WWE vs. WCW feud in almost no time. Though WWE had already conquered its rival, they used this match to recall their victory.

There was nothing wrong with the match. It was a decent bout filled with nostalgia for hardcore viewers. However, nWo coming to help their arch-nemesis Sting, and Triple H's victory, are still argued to be the wrong outcomes.

Nonetheless, this match has been embedded in the history of professional wrestling. The handshake between Triple H and Sting finally ended the WCW chapter.

#1. Sting Vs Seth Rollins - Night of Champions, 2015

Four years ago today, @Sting had a little fun at the expense of @WWERollins...

The last match The Icon ever entered in WWE was arguably his best. The Authority's prime adversary was given a championship match against Seth Rollins.

Though Rollins was the heel in the feud, he was booked for two consecutive matches against Cena and Stinger respectively on the Night of Champions. John Cena came on top in the first match and gave the Champion an Attitude Adjustment after the bout.

Sting started the contest with an upper hand against an exhausted Rollins. However, the clash was way better than expected. Sting has always praised Rollins' performance, which speaks volumes about the latter's heel run.

The match lasted 15 minutes and 20 seconds, and was won by the World Heavyweight Champion Rollins. The Vigilante suffered a career-threatening back injury during the match. Ultimately, he took a break from in-ring action and was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Which of Sting's matches did you love the most? Sound off in the comments section.

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