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Looking at Sting's path to WWE Fast Lane and beyond

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Sting is on a limited contract with the WWE

Sting and Triple H, the coming pay-per-view confrontation at Fastlane should set the the match stipulation for their Wrestlemania match. They have known each other since their days in the WCW together, while not close friends they both respect each others talents and positions. The WWE is handling Sting well in his Crow inspired dark avenger persona, so far they haven’t done the usual tweaking of Steve Borden’s trademark character. Borden actually owns the Sting character and all rights to it and the singer Sting actually pays Borden a royalty for his use of the Sting name.

Sting and Triple H’s match is a highly unusual situation, so far Sting’s match with HHH is not being advertised as his retirement match regardless of the rumor mill. However given the limited appearances Borden has signed for means that to include Stings in ring appearance at last RAW, they used a fake Sting. Since WCW used a fake Sting in the NWO storyline it makes sense for the WWE to try getting away with it in the run up to the Wrestlemania match.

It may be possible that if things go well at Wrestlemania, they have a great match and the fans want more of Sting. If he’s physically able to, they might offer him a Lesnar/Undertaker type contract where he only appears on certain pay-per-views. This would aid the WWE to flesh out pay-per-views when they are thin on top talent because of injuries/leaves of absence which are occurring more and more often. 


Even if  Sting only extends his contract to this summer it might allow for a Taker/Sting match at Summerslam if Taker is unable to wrestle on the Wrestlemania card, as Sting has frequently stated it is his dream match up before he retires. They knew each other in Crockett’s NWA territory when Taker wrestled as Mean Mark Callous. Sting and Callous wrestled a number of times in tag matches and some singles matches against each other so they are familiar with each others styles of wrestling and they are closely matched in age. This should make it much easier on Taker as they can work a match more wrestling based then a power based match.

Taker showed in last years Wrestlemania 30 match he is not up to power based matches anymore, Taker struggled with power moves against Lesnar that the year before he performed effortlessly against the lighter more agile C.M.Punk in their Wrestlemania 29 matchup. Hopefully, Taker will be able to wrestle Sting some time this year as it would be sad if the match never happens. This matchup would prove to be a great retirement match for both men, allowing them to both shine against each other, the fans would love watching the two compete against each other and a Summerslam retirement match would make this year’s Summerslam a must attend, must watch show that it really has not been in the last few years.

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