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Stone Cold and Batista's possible WWE return, Undertaker injury update

News 19 Jul 2013, 17:49 IST
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Undertaker – Not ready to rumble!

Undertaker’s shoulder is getting no better

WWE is showing interest in Stone Cold Steve Austin’s return for WrestleMania XXX, that is, if he gets a medical clearance.

With the control of WWE at stake, if Stone Cold returns, he would wrestle against Triple H, representing Vince McMahon, in what will be Steve Austin’s first wrestling match in 11 years.

A person close to Batista has informed ‘The Wrestling Observer’ that Batista would not return to WWE as he has commitments going on for early 2014 with new movies and confirmed that it will be his priority.

Undertaker’s shoulder issues have have worsened and he is not expected to return till WrestleMania XXX, which would mean that he will miss SummerSlam.

Source: WrestlingInc

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