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WWE News: Stone Cold Discusses the Roman Reigns Path

Greg Bush
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Stone Cold thinks Roman could've excelled in the Attitude Era

What's the Story?

Since the Shield's breakup, Roman Reigns has been a bit of a polarizing figure with the fans. Some feel that he has the ability to be the face of the company, while others believe that he's shoved down the throat of fans in an order to force the McMahon narrative on them.

Recently, WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin weighed in on this controversial subject.

In case you didn't know...

Steve Austin has never been one to shy away from important questions, especially when it comes to WWE's residential Big Dog.

The Rattlesnake has often been critical with WWE when it comes to their treatment with Reigns. Multiple times on The Steve Austin Show, Austin has called out WWE for their booking of Reigns as a face, claiming that Roman, while a great in ring talent, can't connect with the 18-45 year old male demographic.

However, Austin also feels that switching Roman heel just do to it could possibly fail as well as his run as a face.

The heart of the matter

On the latest episode of Off the Board with Jimmy Traina, Steve Austin came on to promote the next season of the Broken Skull Challenge. While he was there, Austin took a chance to talk about Roman Reigns and his push.

I think Roman is a star and I think WWE needs to continue to go down the path they're going with him. They don't need to flip him heel just arbitrarily to make fans happy. I think Roman is a star.

While the Rattlesnake praised Reigns and talked about the star power he brings, he wasn't afraid to criticize him.

Is there still room for him to learn and grow? Oh hell yeah. By leaps and bounds. He's nowhere where he will be in three or four years.

Austin also believes that Roman could've been a huge star in the Attitude Era, claiming that Reigns would thrive in the heavy competition it was known for.

You put that guy in the line up during the Attitude Era, with that roster of Hall of Famers, holy smokes. I think the guy could've been lights out because the competition was so hot, heavy and fierce. It was sink or swim. I think he would've thrived in the Attitude Era and right now, just with his looks, his size, his physicality, he's gonna to be just fine and he's gonna be a big star.

Austin would go on to say that he's lucky to have come into the business when he did, claiming it to be the last of the wild west, and the last of the "just going out there and trying to do something to get over."

What's next?

As of right now, Roman Reigns looks to be starting a program with the veteran face of the company, John Cena.

This is a huge match up, one that could headline Wrestlemania, and could be seen as a big test for Reigns. With WWE looking for him to take Cena's role, it's important for Reigns to go all out with the Champ, lest he ends up like Baron Corbin back on Smackdown.

Author's take

It's interesting to hear Stone Cold's opinions on Roman, especially since they disagree with the general opinion of the WWE Universe. Austin truly believes Roman is a star and has everything it takes to become the top guy WWE believes he can be. To say he could have, not only survived but thrived in the Attitude Era is a huge compliment and a great show of respect to Reigns.

Roman has everything he needs to be a star. Some, like myself, would argue that he already is. Any reaction is a good reaction in most cases, and there is no louder reaction in a WWE arena than the one Roman gets every Monday night.

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