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Stone Cold Steve Austin's Net Worth

Austin posing with his 1995 Ford Bronco
Austin posing with his 1995 Ford Bronco
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The Attitude Era was one of the most popular times in wrestling history. WWE was pulling in record TV ratings with one of the deepest rosters in wrestling history. This era pulled in some of the highest ratings for the WWE with about 5 million people tuning in every week. 

At the very top of the WWE roster at the time, was Stone Cold Steve Austin, pulling in the most money for WWE and adding massively to the company's total net worth.

Stone Cold is one of the most well-known stars in the history of wrestling and has made a lot of money in his time. Austin has been one of the biggest draws for the WWE, but what exactly is Stone Cold’s net worth?

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Despite feuding with the boss Vince McMahon in a storyline, Stone Cold was one of the highest paid wrestlers during his WWE tenure of 1997-2003. He was a regular in the main event scene and feuded with some of the top stars in the company including Bret Hart, The Rock and Triple H.

When Austin was forced to retired due to a neck injury in 2003, he went on to become an actor, continued to work on RAW, and began hosting his own extremely popular podcast. This altogether brings The Texas Rattlesnake’s total net worth to 45 million US Dollars and that’s the Stone Cold truth. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin net worth – $45 million

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s mansion in the middle of his very own ranch in Texas!
Stone Cold Steve Austin’s mansion in the middle of his very own ranch in Texas!

While Stone Cold Steve Austin was wrestling in the WWE he was one of the top guys. He held 19 championships ranging from the Intercontinental Championship to the WWE Tag Team Titles and 6 WWE Championship reigns, making him the 5th “Triple Crown Champion” in WWE history.

Austin went on to be the only person to win 3 Royal Rumbles, he won the 1996 King of the Ring and has headlined 3 different Wrestlemanias. This is an extremely extensive resume and Austin was paid well for his time in the WWE.


During Stone Cold’s time in the WWE between 1999 to 2003, he was paid an estimated 5-12 million US dollars. 

Austin was always one of the biggest draws in the WWE. He also has one of the highest merchandise sales of all time. Austin shirts back in 1999, priced at 20 dollars each were making half of the WWE’s 500 Million US Dollars of total merchandise sales for the year.

Three of his shirts are still on the top ten list of best-selling merchandise items at the WWE Shop. With WWE Superstars taking a percentage of their merch, that money from merch sales must have certainly added quite a bit to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s net worth over the years. 

Austin has also gone on to star in movies such as The Longest Yard, Expendables, Grown Ups 2 and The Condemned, along with a couple straight to DVD movies. While most of these roles were small, they kept Steve Austin working when he was unable to wrestle, adding to his total net worth. 

Steve Austin has been a company man for the WWE
Steve Austin has been a company man for the WWE

Stone Cold has also done a few television shows. Austin hosted the WWE’s Tough Enough season five in 2010 on the USA Network. Steve has played himself in shows such as Dilbert and the Bernie Mac Show.

Stone Cold and Country Music Television started the ‘Broken Skull Challenge’ show, where contestants compete in challenges of strength for money. All these deals have of course added to his Stone Cold Steve Austin’s total net worth. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin also has a few different business ventures. He hosts his own podcast where he has hard hitting interviews with wrestlers from WWE as well as the independent wrestling circuit. He also hosts the Stone Cold Podcast TV show on the WWE Network with a similar format. 

Austin also sells his own line of knives, branded as the ‘Cold Steel Knife’. He also markets his own beer ‘Broken Skull IPA’ plus a lot of merchandise representing himself, his podcast and the Broken Skull Ranch. All of these different business deals keep Stone Cold Steve Austin’s net worth up as the 3rd highest paid wrestler in WWE history. 

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