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Story of how a veteran wrestler was fired from WWE after a backstage fight with Titus O'Neil (Exclusive)

Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:10 IST

Titus O
Titus O'Neil.

Fred Rosser, AKA Darren Young certainly didn't disappoint in the first episode of Sportskeeda's 'The Rosser Rewind', as the former WWE Superstar shared many previously unknown backstage stories from his time in the WWE.

Korey Gunz, the ever-so-dependable host of Sportskeeda's Dropkick DiSKsussions, asked Rosser about his tag team with Titus O'Neil and how the Prime Time Players was formed.

Rosser went on to reveal how Titus O'Neil was brought into the WWE from the world of football, and the difficulties that he had to face during his early days in FCW.

Mr. No Days Off revealed an interesting story in which O'Neil got into a fight with a veteran wrestler named Lennox McEnroe in FCW. O'Neil got into a scuffle with McEnroe after the latter was seen roughing up someone in WWE's developmental system.

McEnroe, whose real name is Byron Wilcott, would get fired as a result of the incident. Rosser added that both McEnroe and O'Neil were suspended for a brief period as a repercussion for the fight. However, while WWE kept O'Neil, McEnroe would be shown the door. 

"One thing about Titus is that when he first joined FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling), he was right off the football field. A lot of people don’t take kindly to people who aren’t passionate like I am about wanting to do this since I came out of my mom’s womb, 1983. Titus had seen it here and there, the wrestling, but he wasn’t a fan, his passion was football. But when he had the opportunity from Steve Curran, just give it a shot, well originally it was Batista, they were neighbours, and Batista said you should get into wrestling.
"And eventually Titus thought about it and he told him where to go to and it was Steve Curran in FCW. And Titus started. No one wanted to get into the ring with him because he was new, and he had gotten into this fight with this one wrestler Lennox McEnroe.
"Titus was two weeks in and Lennox McEnroe, he’s a veteran, and again I was new too, I was probably a couple of months new, and then Titus got brought up to FCW, and Titus got into a fight with Lennox McEnroe because Lennox was rouging up somebody in the ring and Titus stood up for the guy and then eventually, Titus and Lennox started fighting. Eventually, Lennox got fired, Titus stayed, but I believe they were both suspended.
"No one wanted to work with Titus. I was always the person who stayed after and the first one there to practice at FCW to work with Titus. I said, ‘hey Titus man, keep doing your thing, and the same people that are shi***** on you now and not helping you are going to be kissing your a** later and pretty sure they were."

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Check out the first episode of The Rosser Rewind in its entirety below:

Published 28 Nov 2019, 07:24 IST
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