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5 Things you might not know about AJ Styles

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AJ Styles: The house that AJ Styles built
AJ Styles: The house that AJ Styles built

AJ Styles is at the pinnacle of his WWE career. He is someone who has been a constant in every wrestling promotion he has been a part of. Had anybody revealed to you that AJ Styles would be WWE Champion for more than 300 days quite a while back, you'd have been excused for feigning exacerbation and inquiring as to whether they'd been getting enough rest. Some time ago AJ administering the perch under Vince McMahon's vigilant eye appeared like a difficulty. 

It's going on, and it's anything but phenomenal. Seeing AJ work long projects against Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe and even John Cena has been an impact in the course of recent years. 

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Styles has turned into WWE's inhabitant super-specialist, and he's somebody the advancement can point to for instance of everything that has gone right with the company. It hasn't all been daylight and rainbows be that as it may.

Include earlier achievement onto the knocks AJ has encountered since participating in 2016 and it turns out to be clear there are things WWE would rather fans forget about him that remember as part of his illustrious career in WWE so far. 

Despite the fact that he's a made man in WWE now, AJ Styles isn't a WWE creation. Regardless of whether those at the best need to let it be known or not, he's likewise somebody the organization wanted to sign more than he wanted to work for them.

So let's take a look at the 5 things, WWE probably wants you to forget about AJ Style's career in WWE.

#5 His talent made people watch TNA over other promotions at times

AJ Styles TNA Champion
AJ Styles TNA Champion

AJ Styles merits all the credit on the planet for helping divert TNA from independent promotion into North America's second in charge behind WWE. Between 2002-13, AJ substantiated himself as a conspicuous in-ring wrestler, transformed the X-Division into one of wrestling's most energizing popular expressions and turned into a genuine homegrown star for the organization. 

Post-WCW, WWE had the opportunity to sign him full-time. Rather, they offered him a little time formative arrangement. Styles turned it down, just wrestling a few dull matches and on 'C' level programming like Metal. 

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