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SummerSlam 2018: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe - WWE Championship: Winners, Video Highlights, & Analysis

Simon Cotton
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The Samoan Submission Machine vs. The Phenomenal One
The Samoan Submission Machine vs. The Phenomenal One

In 2012, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan competed for the WWE Championship in a match many fans thought would be impossible for two wrestlers made on the indie circuit.

Six years later and AJ Styles and Samoa Joe would be in their position on a much bigger stage fighting for the same title.

The match began with noticable "TNA" chants as the former Impact Wrestling Competitors locked up for their 15th singles match against each other.

Styles and Joe traded blows back and forth, but the advantage would go to Joe who hit the champion hard with strong chops and his signature Suicide Dive.

Styles would eventually make his comeback as both men exchanged strikes until Joe rolled to the outside, leaving an opening for the champion to his a springboard forearm.

Joe would attempt to regain control by charging at Styles, but was caught with an enziguri by and was hit later on with a reverse DDT from the middle rope for a nearfall.

Styles attempted to drop Joe from the top rope, but the Samoan knocked the champion down and hit a leg lariat from the top rope for a nearfall.


Styles attempted a Phenomenal Forearm, but Joe ducked out of the way and hit a massive scoop slam on the champion for a nearfall.

Styles would later hit the Styles Clash for a nearfall which lead to both men exchanging blows again until Styles hit a Pele Kick.

The Champion would charge at Joe in the corner, but was driven to the mat with a massive slam.

In an act of desperation, Styles would lock in the Calf Crusher, but was countered by Joe slamming his head into the mat and locking in the Coquina Cluch that was stopped by Styles reaching the rope with the tip of his foot.

Joe set up Styles in the corner in what appeared to be a Muscle Buster attempt, but the Samoan Submission Machine would knock Styles to the mat with a enzigiri and would bust Styles' face open after throwing him headfirst into the steel steps.

The situation seemed dire for Styles, but Joe would ruin his chances at the title by telling Styles' wife and child that he would be their new daddy - which lead to Styles driving Joe threw the barricade, attacking the officials at ringside, and attacking Joe with a Steel Chair for a disqualification to retain.

Most DQ finishes are disappointing, but this match gave us just enough in-ring action to warrant a DQ. And now, all eyes are on Joe and Styles heading into Hell in a Cell.

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