Super Showdown 2019: 5 Interesting Observations 

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Champ for another day
Champ for another day

The one event WWE makes sure to put more effort into is not even considered as one of their official pay-per-views by fans, as the Super ShowDown event was handled in a quite surprising manner by the company.

From the extravagant set design that could rival WWE's biggest shows to the entrances that made this show feel a little bit more important than usual, this was not a bad way to spend your Friday (if you didn't have anything better to do instead).

The event was full of twists and turns no one could really see WWE doing, and while rumours paint a different story to WWE's actual booking, it's nice to see the company stay on their toes once and a while, even if they make mistakes in the process.

So without any further delay, here are the five most significant things you should know happened at Super Showdown 2019.

#5 Shane's Heel Run Is A Priority

The new face of heel town
The new face of heel town

Shane McMahon beat Roman Reigns, that is a result that no one thought they would ever hear, as Reigns is such a protected asset to the company, the chances of him losing to a legitimate contender would be slim. This win for McMahon asks some important questions, like why did WWE let a 49-year-old part-timer beat their biggest superstar?

The important thing to note here is that WWE is making it clear that Shane McMahon might be one of the top heels going forward in the company. Forget about Shinsuke Nakamura or Robert Roode, Shane is the newest villain in heel town that is going to oppose the biggest face in WWE. Now, while that might seems a bit far fetched to you, it already happened, as no one beats Roman Reigns for nothing.

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Published 08 Jun 2019, 15:45 IST
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