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Superstar who Brock Lesnar injured vows to return and retire him

Rohit Nath
04 Dec 2019, 18:36 IST

Brock Lesnar on RAW
Brock Lesnar on RAW

Brock Lesnar is enjoying his third World title reign of 2019 and looks to be ending the year as the WWE Champion. We'll next see him in the build to Royal Rumble with no idea as to who his opponent is.

However, there is one man who has taken exception to all of this: Dio Maddin. The RAW commentator was attacked in early November by Brock Lesnar and F-5'd through the announcer's table after standing up for Jerry Lawler.

On WWE Backstage this past week, it was reported that Maddin had left his position as a RAW commentator to resume his in-ring career. At just 28 years of age, it's probably not a bad idea. Maddin took to Twitter to claim that he plans to retire Brock Lesnar.

It's an interesting proposition to make, especially now that he's reportedly returned to training. We can only speculate, but we would imagine that someone backstage in WWE saw his confrontation with Lesnar (where he appeared to be a little taller) and saw money in it. Maddin has a good look and it would be interesting to see if he ever crosses paths with Brock Lesnar again, as unlikely as it is.

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