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Top 5 Tag Teams who could be in contention for the rumoured Women Tag Team Titles

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WWE is rumoured to introduce Women Tag Team Championship at the Evolution PPV
WWE is rumoured to introduce Women Tag Team Championship at the Evolution PPV

WWE has been trying to put their Women superstars on the same level as their Men counterparts for quite some time now. As a part of the so called "Women's Revolution", WWE has given their women a chance to compete in an Ironwoman match, a Hell in a Cell Match, a Royal Rumble, MITB matches and the most recent in the list, a Women's only PPV, Evolution, airing on October 28th.

But it still remains a fact that Women on each brand have only one title to fight for, while Men have the Main championship, a midcard championship and tag team championships on each brand.

An argument could be made that there are less women competitors so they need fewer number of titles. But still, we have seen on RAW and Smackdown that while the main Women's title feud is going on, other very capable women are made to float around the scene with nothing meaningful to do.

In a bid to end this and introduce more competition in the Women's division, it has been rumoured for quite some time that WWE is planning to introduce Women Tag Team titles. This makes so much sense when we see multiple tag team capable duos in the Women's roster currently caught up in a vicious cycle of repetitive and meaningless matches.

If the rumours are true, these titles would be defended across the brands with tag teams from each brand vying for the same championship. How the contenders will be decided and how the competing promos will work across brands is a discussion for a later day. Right now, let's take a look at the women tag teams who raise a legitimate claim for the Women's Tag Team Titles.

The Boss & Hug Connection

The Boss & Hug Connection
The Boss & Hug Connection

After teasing what could have been a really great feud, Sasha Banks & Bayley reconciled to everyone's dismay and started working as a tag team. Naming themselves "The Boss & Hug Connection" in homage to the famous tag team " Rock & Sock Connection", they have been working well with each other and having a feud with the Riott Squad.

While Bayley and Sasha both are main event worthy contenders who should be in the title picture, currently it seems WWE has no plans to put them there. So the Women Tag Team Titles when introduced, will give them something to focus on while the Women's title scene sorts itself out.

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