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Hang a left up ahead, and take the RKO to Suplex City

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“May I AXE you a question?”

Will Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton at Summerslam 2016 be entertaining? Probably.

Will Lesnar beat Orton? Probably.

Does it matter? Probably not.

Let's get something straight: Brock Lesnar dominated exactly TWO rounds against Mark Hunt at UFC 200, NOT three. Trust me, I watched the fight. That second round was a wash at best.

Most fans called Brock getting knocked out in the first round via Hunt's lethal hands. Most fans were wrong.

Brock Lesnar "shocked" the world, but was it really a shock? Mark Hunt puts people to sleep like a heroin dealer explaining the differences between the NFL and the XFL.  "If he connects just one good punch, Brock is done for." was the general attitude of most "experts," but have you SEEN Brock?!?

He is a legit monster regardless of his time spent away from real punching sports.  Also, "If he connects just one good punch..." can spell the end for almost every situation you can imagine.  Watch:

"If he connects just one good punch, Karl won't be able to tend to his garden and there will be no rhubarb pie for St. Swithin's Day this year!"

So yeah, I personally wasn't that surprised but I wouldn't have been if Brock had lost, either. That's not to take ANYTHING away from his win.

It's impressive as hell, especially coming back after retiring and nestling himself into a nice little spot in WWE. Very little work for very big money, all while making MORE money through his sandwich-sponsored short pants. 

But now it's back to the land of fake punching and misspelled words and...Randy Orton?

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