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Talking Smack 29th November 2016 Recap

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Miz shows up in Talking Smack again, but not in the way you think...

Wow, what a surprise to kick off Talking Smack, as Mike Mizanin – not The Miz – introduces himself as the host of the show. He keeps referring to himself as Mike Mizanin and even corrects Renee Young when she calls him by his kayfabe name.

He introduces the challenger to the Intercontinental Title at TLC, Dolph Ziggler, and the segment devolves into chaos. They go back and forth on the topic of the Intercontinental Title, where Mizanin contends that the Miz has made it the most relevant and prestigeous Championship in the WWE.

Ziggler, on the other hand, points out that he wouldn’t be the champion had it not been for Maryse. They argue about the veracity of that point before Ziggler takes over with a stinging promo, saying that his journey to the top of the WWE has been nothing but ardous and that the Miz is done after TLC.

The Miz, naturally, doesn’t seem too worried.

Once Ziggler leaves, Mike Mizanin and Renee Young veer to the topic of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. While Miz agrees that Wyatt is a silver-tongued devil, he says that he would watch his back should he be rubbing shoulders with a man nicknamed as the Viper.

Becky Lynch graces Talking Smack next as the Miz is ready with a grilling. He keeps asking her questions that seem to doubt her tenacity and whether she would still retain her WWE SmackDown Women’s Title at TLC.

Becky, predictably, doesn’t back down and retorts like the fiery Irishwoman that she is, saying that she would do whatever is necessary to retain her belt. Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan’s text to Renee Young is read out, officially adding a Tables stipulation to the Women’s Championship match.

Becky only seems more fired up by that and goes on to say that she’s really happy with the state of the Women’s division in SmackDown, and that her match should headline TLC. She calls herself a honey badger and straight fire, saying that at the pay-per-view, she will be relentless in retaining her title before walking out.

Miz then goes on to discuss the state of Smackdown, laying the blame at the feet of its GM Daniel Bryan, for pushing an undeserving ‘everyman’ like James Ellsworth. Cue, AJ Styles.


The Champ that runs the Camp comes out swinging, cribbing that Dean Ambrose is the only reason why James Ellsworth even had a shot at becoming a SmackDown Superstar and stepping up to the WWE Champion.

Styles then goes on to explain how he’s done blaming Daniel Bryan for everything wrong with the situation, and instead points the finger at Shane McMahon for signing off on all of this. He then explains how he will bring a world of hurt on Dean Ambrose at TLC, and that like always, he will find a way to win.

*Mic Drop*

And that’s a wrap for Talking Smack this week. As usual, the WWE have kept it real again. See you at TLC.

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