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Tama Tonga reveals who the current leader of the Bullet Club is [Exclusive]

EVIL joined Bullet Club recently
EVIL joined Bullet Club recently
Gary Cassidy
Modified 11 Aug 2020, 06:48 IST

NJPW star Tama Tonga returned to the ring this past week at NJPW Strong after a lengthy spell on the sidelines due to travel restrictions, but The Bullet Club OG has kept himself very busy by starting up his own podcast, Tama's Island, among others things.

We recently caught up with Tama ahead of his return to the ring, and of course, we had to ask about the recent recruitment of EVIL into the Bullet Club, and try to get to the bottom of exactly who is the leader!

Sportskeeda meets Tama Tonga

While stranded on Tama's Island, the rest of the world hasn't stopped spinning around Bullet Club OG Tama Tonga. We asked one half of the Guerrillas of Destiny all about the current happenings in NJPW, the Good Brothers making moves, EVIL's dominance, and, of course, about those comparisons to Roman Reigns!

You can check out the entire video interview below, read the full interview here, or read on for Tama Tonga's thoughts on the Bullet Club.

Tama Tonga would praise EVIL and say the Bullet Club have "had their eye" on him since the start of the year, before discussing the overall picture.

"We've had our eye on EVIL probably since the beginning of this year and you've got to make moves man. Bullet Club has got to make moves for the future."

Bullet Club OG Tama Tonga also revealed how he stayed awake just to see the turn, and said he loved it!

"Oh! I was sitting up, waiting for that moment. I loved it! I LOVED it! That's the stuff that we, Bullet Club, we're known for bringing in guys, especially bringing in controversial guys and he was definitely making that moment controversial."
"Me and EVIL came up together in the system, man, so I know there's a lot there that that can happen with EVIL. He has a lot of talent, unexplored talent, right now so I think Bullet Club is going to be the one that's going to push him straight to the top, man, for sure."

But, is EVIL now the leader of the Bullet Club? Who better to ask than one of the founders?

"I said I'd say we all are [the leaders]. I'd say we're working as a team. It's a democracy right now. It's a democracy. We axed out one leader. We always had the reputation of one leader goes out, another one comes in but lately we've... There's never been a time in Bullet Club like right now where, shoot, you've got a guy with two straps, the top two straps in New Japan. How is he not the leader?"

Tama Tonga went on to discuss how, while you can't argue against EVIL being the leader, that the faction has many people who could make that claim on their own - including himself, Jay White, and Bad Luck Fale!

"He is our frontman right now. I've got to say we got frontmen. I think that's a better term instead of saying, "Leader". We have frontmen that spearhead the movement right now, so... Who's to say that Fale isn't the leader? I look at him as the leader. How do you know I'm not the leader? I've been in there since day one."

Tama Tonga went on to clarify that EVIL was put in place because neither he nor Jay White can be in Japan right now due to travel restrictions.

"So, Jay White, the man, was the frontman now. He couldn't, you know, right now be in Japan because of the whole situation so we made moves to get us a man to put us in the front, right?

Thank you so much to Tama Tonga for taking the time to chat with myself. You can follow Tama Tonga here, and the Tama's Island podcast here.

Published 11 Aug 2020, 06:48 IST
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