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10 Popular Superstars That May Leave WWE When Their Contracts Expire

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Finn Balor, WWE,
Should Finn Balor walk away from The WWE?

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The WWE Isn't for everyone.

While some superstars are able to thrive in the land of the giants and go on to great success, there are other superstars that get bogged down by bad booking decisions, backstage politics and a myriad of other problems. With that being said, the cream doesn't always rise to the top and WWE is a great example of that.

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In fact, WWE has such a controversial history of handling young stars that some have left the company and gone on to have success in the independent scene. Of course, the decision to go to the indy's isn't for everyone and would very likely result in a drastic loss of income, but sometimes its worth it to have creative freedom with a character.

In the end, that is one of the many reasons why the superstars on this list should not sign a new deal with The WWE once their contract is up. While some might think that a couple of these superstars being on this list is ridiculous and indicative of overreacting, each entry will be backed up with relevant information and facts that support the argument.

#10 Gallows & Anderson

The Good Brothers, WWE,
Remember when The Good Brothers were tag team champions?

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Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were a powerhouse of a tag team when they first arrived in WWE, but they have been absolutely ruined by the company's 50/50 booking. In fact, the team of Gallows and Anderson have been on a downward spiral since losing the tag team titles at WrestleMania 33 and can't even seem to stand out anymore.


In the end, maybe these two wouldn't be on the list if WWE didn't already blow it with both versions of The Bullet club in WWE. Then again, even when they were teamed up with Finn Balor or AJ Styles, they always seemed more like a secondary thought than anything else, which only helped plummet their stock.

Either way, rumour has it that The Good Brothers and several other superstars have their contracts coming up soon and it's apparently likely that they won't be signing a new deal.

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