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10 popular Superstars that WWE officials need to give up on

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Vince McMahon,
What popular is WWE Superstars Vince McMahon giving up on now?

Giving up on someone is never an easy thing.

The same is true for the world of WWE, where a Superstar can be the company's favorite for years, but then be given up on in favor of someone new.

While change is ultimately important to move forward and its ridiculous for the company to put all their eggs in one basket, giving up on a particular Superstar still has a lot of different effects on everyone involved

Not only could it mean a lesser paycheck for the Superstar, it also means that their career has plateaued for the moment and it might never reach the same levels again.

It also means that fans of that Superstar will have to deal with their favorite now being a mid-carder at best, which is never easy to take at first.

With that being said, and WWE still hanging on to their outdated idea of what a Superstar is in 2018, here are 10 Superstars that the WWE must give up on in order to eventually move forward.

#10 Big Cass

Big Cass,
Does Big Cass stand a chance on SmackDown Live after The Enzo Amore incident

Believe it or not, the seven-foot-tall Superstar has a lot of drawbacks when it comes to potentially being the company's top guy.

Not only does Cass have the extra baggage of previously being associated with Enzo Amore, who was accused of sexual harassment, he also seems to not have the best backstage attitude either.


In fact, Cass is currently in trouble for supposedly going off script during a SmackDown Live segment, where he was supposed to make fun of a Daniel Bryan's impersonator but, decided to rough the impersonator up instead.

Apparently, Cass was told not to do this by Vince McMahon and he was very upset with the Superstar afterward.

With that being said, Cass might be seven foot tall and a physical anomaly, but he doesn't have the attitude that WWE needs in order to trust him with a top spot in the company.

Furthermore, Cass proved he was injury prone, which is another reason why there is no place for him anywhere near the top of the card.

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