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10 Popular Superstars That WWE has not done justice to

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Roman Reigns,
Has WWE ruined these ten superstars careers?

Let's be honest here.

While WWE has succeeded in creating several stars over the course of its storied history, it is also responsible for taking quite a few superstars and completely ruining them as well. Of course its not always WWE's fault, especially since a superstar's success is dependent on a variety of factors, there are other times when WWE played a role in it happening.

With that being said and WWE continuing to take top-tier talent and dropping the ball with them in favor of someone else, here are ten superstars that WWE has completely ruined! As always, let us know what you think in the comments below and tell us who you think WWE had a hand in ruining.

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#10 The Miz

The Miz,
What has WWE done to The Miz?

The Miz might be one of the best midcard heels that The WWE currently has. However, His accomplishments in the company are a far cry from what they could have been. While The Miz is a former WWE Champion, Intercontinental champion, tag team champion and United States Champion, the company has continued to misuse him since then.

Not only is that evident by the very rare occasions that The Miz gets even gets a sniff of the main title picture, but also by how much WWE uses him to elevate the midcard. In fact, The Miz has been used as a midcard champion so much over the course of the last couple of years, it is really hard for the company or fans to see him as anything else.

With that being said, The Miz is a master on the microphone, great at getting heat with fans and deserving of so much more then WWE has given him over the years. One would think that his position in the company would have gotten better since moving to Smackdown live to battle Daniel Bryan, but the company just continues to misuse him.

In the end, The Miz has the tools to be a great heel champion in the same way that Randy Orton, The Rock, Seth Rollins and several other stars were and are WWE continues to look stupid for not realizing that. Maybe that will change one day since Smackdown Live seems to be the land of experiments, but its still wishful thinking at best.

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