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The 10 worst WWE matches of 2018

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If only that were true.
If only that were true.

While 2018 gave us some very good matches indeed, when this year was bad, it was BAD. There were numerous stinkers in the year, and while they probably weren't as bad as last year's worst, they were decidedly higher in profile, with numerous pay per view main events, unfortunately, need to make the list. I think we can say with certainty that 2018 was the year when the aura of the "part-timer" finally died.

Maybe that was just the price that needed to be paid for the future of the company.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of this year's Razzies.

#10 DX vs. The Brothers of Destruction (Crown Jewel)

"We're too old for this."

A sad, legacy-destroying match, it ranks tenth only because Shawn Michaels managed to make it passable whenever he got involved in the "festivities." The other three...not so much. Plus, it was way too long - about 30 torturous minutes in the ring and a lot more than that counting entrances. Add more when you consider all the time spent on Raw trying to hype this match.

It was just an incredibly sad sight to see in every way.

Afterwards, you could see Shawn Michaels visibly saying "we're too old for this," and it was the exact truth. Shawn Michaels probably regrets that he came back for this match, even if the Saudi money was too good for him to pass up. It will nevertheless be a sad black mark on his career when he retired in the best way against Undertaker in one of the best matches in WrestleMania history.

A lot of people were interested to see if Shawn Michaels could still go with AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan afterwards, but I think it would be best to try and forget this comeback as much as possible.

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