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The 5 best promos of the past 5 years in WWE

Thomas Lowson
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The Rock has cut some insane promos over the years

Promos: the art of speaking to the audience, to help build a story and feud is arguably a wrestler's most effective tool.

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When we think of the greatest promos of all time, we may think back to 1996, with Steve Austin's infamous 'Austin 3:16' speech.

The short speech which followed Austin winning that year's King of the Ring helped immortalize the Texan overnight, as well as make one of the most recognizable slogans of all time.

But you don't need to look back to 1996 to find some of the greatest of all time. Since 2013, we have seen plenty of already classic moments and scathing promos, and today, we look at just 5 of the best, over the past five years in the WWE.

#1 Mark Henry 'retires' (RAW June 17, 2013)

Crocodile tears roll down the cheeks of Henry

The focus of Mark Henry has always been raw strength. From competing in the Olympics to winning the 2002 Arnold Strongman competition, Henry's incredible power has never been questioned.

But what happened on RAW in 2013, showed that Henry was more than a strongman. After a week of cryptic messages hinting at retirement, Henry interrupted then WWE Champion John Cena, wearing a now-iconic salmon pink jacket.

Henry thanked Cena for the opportunity to speak, before thanking the fans for their support. Placing his wrestling boots down, the Texan fought back tears, as he announced his retirement.


Mentioning his career highlights (and even Mae Young), it was an emotional time for the fans, Cena and especially Henry.

But it was all for nothing, when Henry ended, and attacked the champ, revealing his true intentions, and laying his claim to a WWE Championship match at Money In the Bank.

Whilst Henry would lose to Cena, this promo will go down as one of the career highlights for a man who can walk the walk and talk the talk.

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