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The 5 greatest heels of the 2000s

Thomas Lowson
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WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

There's an old proverb in wrestling, it's easier to be hated to be loved.

Whilst a babyface needs to obey the rules, cater to all the fans and try and keep a smile plastered on their face, it is the much more fun role of the heel, to make sure people know just how villainous they can be.

But there are some heels, that took things to the next level between 2000 and 2009. These exceptional superstars redefined what it meant to be truly loathed by the WWE Universe.

Here are the 5 greatest heels of the 2000s, and the dastardly deeds they did to earn that spot.

#5 John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL as WWE Champion.

When the beer-drinkin' hell-raisin' Bradshaw of the APA, became JBL, many fans were unsure about whether the established tag team star would work alone.

Those doubts were proven wrong very quickly, as the Texan became one of the most dastardly villains in WWE.

Along the way to the WWE Title, JBL would use a series of xenophobic attacks, and on one instance, cause Eddie Guerrero's mother to have a heart attack.

After returning from retirement in 2008, the millionaire was back to his wicked ways, forcing Shawn Michaels to work for him, when the showstopper was in deep financial trouble.


#4 Edge

The 2012 WWE Hall of Famer, Edge went through a rollercoaster in the 2000s, beginning originally as the frat-boy heel alongside Christian.

After a few years as a face, Edge returned to his roots in 2004, becoming hellbent on capturing the WWE Championship, which he did in 2006.

But it is perhaps in 2007 on SmackDown where the Ultimate Opportunist really hit his stride, aligning himself with Vickie Guerrero.

Together, the pair ruled the blue brand with an iron fist, with Edge using every single possible tactic to keep hold of the World Heavyweight Championship.

If that wasn't bad enough, he would even marry Vickie for her power, but was revealed to be a cheat by Triple H during the couple's wedding.

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