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The 5 Greatest Joshi wrestlers of all time

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Want to know what women’s wrestling could be if it was treated as equally important to male wresling? Check out the wrestlers below to find out...

There’s a lot of talk right now about ‘how far women’s wrestling has come’ in the past few years. On every episode of RAW, we’re reminded of this ‘Women’s Revolution’ that’s going on in WWE. We’re meant to believe that now, for the first time, the women of WWE are just as important as the men are, in terms of athleticism and drawing power.

Basically, WWE is treating this new period as some kind of golden age of women’s wrestling…even though the first true golden age happened over two decades ago.

WWE’s track record for treating its female talent is spotty, at best. They spent many years treating their women as eye candy and putting on questionable gimmick matches that were meant to give off sex appeal. It was a dark time to be a Diva in WWE, especially since few were given the opportunity to, you know, wrestle.

Meanwhile, across the Pacific Ocean, women’s wrestling was experiencing a spectacular golden age that changed how people viewed the sport. The female Japanese wrestlers, or Joshis, were light years ahead of their American counterparts in terms of match quality and presentation as top stars.

Many of these women were revered by the Japanese and have been emulated in one way or another by wrestlers around the world.

With WWE now determined to really push the women as equals to the male wrestlers, it’s time that we look at the five best Joshi wrestlers of all time. These women have been immortalised as some of the best wrestlers on the planet, male or female, and have had a tremendous impact on how pro wrestling is viewed around the world.

#5 Aja Kong

Aja Kong. 50% Black, 50% Japanese, 100% unmitigated badass

When it comes to ‘monster women’, the first image that comes to mind is either Nia Jax or Awesome Kong. Either of these images would make sense, as both of these women were/are dangerous ‘plus-sized’ athletes that don’t fit into the traditional mould of a women’s wrestler. Of course, neither of them can hold a candle to the original monster, Aja Kong.

Trained by the legendary Jaguar Yokota and debuting as a member of the equally-fierce Dump Matsumoto, Kong was a force to be feared. She was a stiff, no-nonsense destruction machine that made both her opponents and her fans fear her. Every move she executed, was tinged with a genuine belief that she was out there to end her opponent’s careers.

She was that good at ring psychology and telling a story.

She was so good, in fact, that she made an appearance for WWE at Survivor Series 1995, in a traditional elimination match. In that match, she eliminated all four of her opponents, much like Reigns did a few years ago. That’s how badass she was.

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