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WWE Fastlane 2017: The 5 Most likely twists we might see at the PPV

It is time for some twists at Fastlane 2017.

Top 5 / Top 10 03 Mar 2017, 14:48 IST
We expect this guy to reign at Fastlane...but what if he doesn’t?

It is amazing to think we only have four weeks until WrestleMania 33. It is hard to see the entire build of the Show of Shows on the Raw Brand as of yet. We certainly have a lot of title matches and heated feuds that have been built for Sunday’s show in Milwaukee. Will the WrestleMania road look clear after this week? 

There are a lot of solid storylines going into the show. Will Samoa Joe win his pay-per-view debut? Will Charlotte actually lose on a pay-per-view? Will Roman look strong? Will Goldberg be on his way to WrestleMania as Champion? With these questions in mind, I present my list of top five most likely twists to Fastlane 2017:

#5 Sasha Banks turns heel

It is time for “The Boss” to live up to her name again.

Is it just me or is Sasha Banks acting more like a traditional heel these days?

She cheated in a Raw Women’s Title Match in Las Vegas and insulted the looks of Charlotte on a recent Raw. Sasha is far more effective as a heel and seems to be acting more like her “Boss” persona from her NXT days. 

If wrestling has taught us anything it is that when someone talks a lot about your strong friendship a lot, it is a sign that someone is about to destroy that wonderful friendship. Poor Bayley.

Since Raw is really a four women division, this would allow Sasha into the title picture and have the added benefit of giving Charlotte another win for her impressive pay-per-view streak to continue. It is time for the Boss to return. I think it will happen at Fastlane. 

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