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The 5 wealthiest WWE women of all time

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The women of the WWE, at the first ever Women's Royal Rumble in 2018.
The women of the WWE, at the first ever Women's Royal Rumble in 2018.

In the WWE, despite being very different to other businesses such as Apple or Starbucks, is still a business, and everyone you see on-screen and those off-screen, intend to make money.

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Across the many decades of WWE, we have seen countless women in a variety of roles, starting with managers like Miss Elizabeth in the Hulkamania era, to authority figures such as Vickie Guerrero in the early 2000s, to bonafide main eventers like Charlotte Flair in the modern-day.

For some of these women, they have been able to make some serious dough as part of the company, increasing their net worth far into the millions.

This money has, of course, come at a cost, as these women sacrificed their health, comfortable lives and so much more in the pursuit of wrestling.

Here are the five wealthiest women in wrestling history, according to a report from

#5 Bull Nakano (Estimated Net Worth: $12,000,000)

Nakano in the WWF in 1994.
Nakano in the WWF in 1994.

Bull Nakano was a woman without compare in the WWF. Originally joining the company in 1986, she would leave not long after to build her reputation outside of the company.

When she returned in 1994, Nakano helped bring Japanese wrestling to the promotion, using hard strikes and moves never seen before in women's wrestling in the WWF.


Quickly ushered into a feud with Alundra Blayze, the two had a historic match at Summerslam 1994, and Nakano would even capture the WWF Women's Championship on one occasion.

Now out of the wrestling world, Nakano works as a professional golfer, where fortunately for her opponents, the only thing she's striking is golf balls.

With her unique look and dominating offence, Nakano continues to be an icon of Women's wrestling.

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