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5 best Hell In A Cell matches in WWE's history

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Don't do it, Shane!

Hell in A Cell is one of the most iconic gimmicks that WWE has organized in its history. The birth of this demonic structure took place nearly 20 years ago and since then a variety of superstars have stepped into this unforgiving structure and it has led to some memorable matches.

Ahead of the 2017 Hell in A Cell PPV, we look at some of the best matches that have taken place inside Hell in A Cell.

# 5: The Undertaker vs Edge - Summerslam 2008

Spear through the cell wall!
Spear through the cell wall!

The Undertaker has been synonymous with HIAC matches for the longest time. The Deadman is no stranger to this structure and over the period of the years has featured in some of the greatest matches to take place inside HIAC.

Undertaker v Edge rivalry was at its peak in the summer of 2008. These two superstars were one of the biggest attractions in WWE during this period and they were consistently putting out quality matches. This match was the final chapter in an epic feud and it did not disappoint, not even for a single bit.

Then, the Rated R-Superstar was the biggest heel in the company and his feud with the Phenom was a major talking point. Edge had to retire early in his career due to his injuries, but he gave a fair share of quality matches before going out.

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