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The 5 Best Current Heel Runs In WWE 

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Who are the best heels?
Who are the best heels?

Heels have been the foundation of the WWE. Without heels who would the good guys face or overcome to achieve their goals. A strong heel has a lot of different characteristics. These characteristics need to be on full display in order for them to be successful. A heel doesn't always have to be super strong on the mic or great in the ring, but in showcasing those talents especially on the mic they can generate a reaction of hate and disdain from the audience.

In this slideshow I'm showcasing the best heels currently in the WWE. These individuals have showcased themselves as sinister, twisted, cunning or a combination of these characteristics. In displaying these types of things they have become some of the most entertaining and despised heels in the WWE.

#1 Tommaso Ciampa

We have to start with the current best heel in WWE/NXT and it's the Sicilian Psychopath Tommaso Ciampa. Since returning from a devastating knee injury in the beginning of this year Ciampa has simply been on fire with his current heel run.

Tommaso Ciampa
Tommaso Ciampa

His return at NXT Takeover Philly was the start of the best rivalries going in WWE between Ciampa and Gargano. These two have displayed their hatred on screen in such a way where it's impossible not to be sucked in.

The main reason has been the absolute disdain for Ciampa the current NXT champion. His gimmick from attire and entrance are just part of what makes him great. The ultimate thing that makes him a top heel is his social media account if you don't believe me go take a look. He follows no one he's his own man constantly creating an image that makes him the most hated man on the roster.

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